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Pure A9 Breathe360 Pollenfilter för modell PA91-604DG/GY

Rapidly reduce and neutralize indoor air pollen. Give your family exceptional protection from pollen related allergies.  

Exceptional Pollen Filtration                            

The specially developed BREATHE360 filter captures and neutralizes over 99% of airborne pollen particles, ensuring no allergic reactions when it´s time to change the filter. Super high air flow means high speed removal of pollen from indoor air, helping keep your home pollen free.

360 Filtration Technology                                 

360 Filters embody the latest in filtration technology. The unique precharged ultrafine filter media provide a highly effective barrier against microscopic particles, trapping over 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The cylindrical filter boasts an enormous surface area which means larger capacity and longer life time, while delivering an exceptionally high volume of air circulation.      

Anti - bacterial protection                                 

Protection from airborne bacteria is paramount to creating a healthier home environment. 360 Filters include a naturally effective antibacterial agent that neutralizes bacteria enzymes at a cellular level, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria found in the home and prevents further bacteria growth.                       

Smart Filters                              

Each 360 Filter is equipped with a smart tag that measures the fine particle exposure and remaining filter life. The app will indicate when it's time to replace the filter, meaning you can do so absolute confidence the filter is completely full.                

1 x BREATHE360 Pollen Protect Filter

Fits; PA91-604GY, PA91-606GY, PA91-606DG

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